Flower and Produce Show Winners 2019












Box Amateur Flower and Produce Show has been a part of village life for more than 30 years.

The 2019 show was held on the 20th July at Selwyn Hall Box and opened by TV presenter and local celebrity Paul Martin.

Paul Martin opening the Show

The hall was full of entries in all classes including flowers, handicrafts and cookery. This year success with flowers, Section A, went to John Proctor who was awarded the Kettlety Memorial Vase.


John Proctor awarded the Kettlety Memorial Vase

The Haines Trophy for Pot Plants Best Exhibit, Section B, was awarded to Cynthia Thomas.  Cynthia also won the Charlie Helps Trophy for Section B5 Begonia, and the Parish Council Cup as Flowers and Pot Plants overall winner (sections A & B).


Cynthia Thomas with the Haines Trophy

Cynthia Thomas with the Charlie Helps Trophy






and Cynthia with the Parish Council Cup


Section C, Vegetables was won by John Tucker and awarded the Stan Goad Trophy.  John was also the overall winner of Sections C & D Fruit and Vegatables, receiving the Hewlett Trophy.

John Tucker winner of the Stan Goad Trophy

John with the Hewlett Trophy











The Bingham Hall Trophy for Section C12, My Vegetable Garden, was won by Pat Davies.  Pat also won Section J, Home Cooking for which she was awarded the Box W.I. trophy, Section K Home Preserves winning the Gardening Club Trophy, and was the overall winner of all classes receiving the Flower Show Trophy.


Pat Davies with the Bingham Hall Trophy

Pat receives the Box W.I. Trophy













Pat with the Flower Show Trophy for overall Winner of all classes

Pat with the Gardening Club Trophy












Steve Wheeler was the winner of the Banks Trophy for Section D, Fruit.


Steve Wheeler, proud winner of the Banks Trophy


The Spafax Vase for Section E, Floral Arrangements, was awarded to Mary Hann.  Mary was also awarded the Vicar’s Cup for the best entry by popular vote.


Mary Hann with the Spafax Vase

Mary Hann winner of the Vicar’s Cup











Veronica Wheeler was the winner of Section J6, Cake to Recipe and awarded the Boxlea W.I. Trophy.

Veronica Wheeler with the Boxlea W.I. Trophy

Handicrafts, Section L was won by Helen Hann receiving the Box W.I. Handicraft Cup.

Helen Hann with the Box W.I. Handicraft Cup

The Sheila Hockley Cup for Arts, Section M, was won by Kathryn Barstow.


Kathryn Barstow winner of the Hockley Cup for Art

Winner of Section N, Photography was Matt Parker who received the Bingham Trust Photo Frame.


Matt Parker with the Bingham Trust Photo Frame

The Members Class for the best plug plant was Jill Finney who received the Members’ Shield.

Jill Finney receiving the Members’ Shield

The children’s section was full of colour and interest medallions were awarded to each section winner.  There were no entries for Section F, Preschool.

The Newboult Trophy for Section G, Children Keystage 1 was won by Grace Lister.

The Biscoe Cup was won by Tom Ketteridge for Section H, Keystage 2.


2019 Results:

 Kettlety Memorial Vase Winner Section A Flowers John Proctor
Haines Trophy Winner Section B Pot Plants Cynthia Thomas
Charlie Helps Trophy Winner Class B5 A Tuberous Begonia Cynthia Thomas
Parish Council Cup Winner Section A & B Flowers & pot plants overall winner Cynthia Thomas
Stan Goad Trophy Winner Section C Vegetables John Tucker
The Bingham Hall Trophy Winner Section C12 Vegetable garden Pat Davies
Banks Trophy Winner Section D Fruit Steve Wheeler
Hewlett Trophy Winner Section C & D Fruit & vegetables overal winner John Tucker
Spafax Vase Winner Section E Flower Arrangement Mary Hann
Box W.I Trophy Winner Section J Home Cooking Pat Davies
Boxlea WI Trophy Winner Class J6 Cake to recipe Veronica Wheeler
Gardening Club Trophy Winner Section K Home Preserves Pat Davies
Box W.I Handicraft Cup Winner Section L Handicrafts Helen Hann
The Sheila Hockley Cup Winner Section M Arts Kathryn Barstow
Bingham Trust Photo Frame Winner Section N Photography Matt Parker
Box Gardening Club Members’ Shield Winner Section P Club Entry Jill Finney
Vicar’s Cup Best entry by popular vote Best in Show Mary Hann
Flower Show Trophy Total number of points Most points overall Pat Davies

Childrens Results

Cuddly Toy Winner Section F Pre-school  No entries
Medallion Winner Class G1 Key Stage 1
Medallion Winner Class G2 Key Stage 1
Medallion Winner Class G3 Key Stage 1
Medallion Winner Class G4 Key Stage 1
Newboult Shield Winner Section G Key Stage 1 Gracie Lister
Medallion Winner Class H1 Key Stage 2
Medallion Winner Class H2 Key Stage 2
Medallion Winner Class H3 Key Stage 2
Medallion Winner Class H4 Key Stage 2
Biscoe Cup Winner Section H Key Stage 2 Tom Ketteridge